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Failure Again

We received the sad news two days ago that my wife is not pregnant. This was her second embryo transfer attempt and it appears that the embryos implanted and then didn’t live long after. She is two weeks late on her period and her blood work is showing that she is definitely not pregnant. It is unfortunate, not only because the transfer didn’t work and more dreams are shattered, but also because my wife has yet to miscarry naturally. This means a surgery or DNC is probably in order. It’s sort of the icing on the cake of our own personal misery.

We have decided that it will be best to take a few months off before we talk about trying another round. The process is agonizing, and I just can’t imagine doing another transfer. Again, I am where I was the last time we discussed another round; I prefer that we just give up. Six pregnancies and six miscarriages. That is our story, and I’m tired of the failures. I don’t feel like adding another round.

Again, this is only my perspective, and I know that I can’t completely understand the longing of a woman to have a child naturally. I can’t comprehend all that drives her to continue on. So, I need to respect my wife’s desires and give her space. This, and the closeness of our last transfer failure, are good reasons to not talk about it for the next few months.

We will both need God’s grace as we wait and pray. May he guide us in the next steps, whatever they are.


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