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Every Time

How do you make do with the pain of losing a dream like having kids? How do you make it hurt less?

Every time you hear a birth announcement. Every time you watch your wife wince when some kicks an insensitive comment in her face. Every time someday else comes back from a miscarriage to have a healthy baby. Every time someone flips you off with a platitude. Every time a relative complains about her spoiled and ratty kids, or how tired they are (boo-hoo her). Every time your mother-in-law pushes you to adopt. Every time someone whines about his or her baby’s propensity to cry.  Every time God seems silent. Every time somebody else’s prayer gets answered. Every time someone tells you to “count your blessings” or “just believe.” Every time we must listen to the voices of the mob that are reeling in the throws of all the happiness they’ve got.

Every time.


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